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January 2014 - Chinese New Year Holiday Period



As many of you may be aware Chinese New Year is approaching, majority of Chinese Factories will be closing from January 31st until February 6th, though some factories may close for an extended period.


Please ensure to discuss with your Chinese suppliers about their closure period through the Chinese New Year festival period.

If you have urgent cargo to be shipped prior to factories closing it is very important to contact us ASAP, so we can have cargo moved prior to factory closing and obtain all documents and releases required. Any questions please email us at or call 03 9357 8300



January 2014 - Australian Customs change Import Processing fees


An Import Processing Charges Amendment Bill 2013 has passed through Parliament, which will affect all Import shipments with a Customs Value Greater than AUD 10,000.00 as of January 2014.


Shipments with a customs value greater than AUD 10,000.00 will incur the following customs fees for Import Processing Charge:

Air or Post Shipment: $122.10 per Customs Entry

Sea: $152.60 per Customs Entry


Shipments with a Customs Value greater than AUD 1,000.00 but no more than AUD 9,999.99 will remain unchanged, previous fees will still apply.


All fees will be displayed on the Nature 10S-Customs Entry as per usual. Details can be found on foot of page 1 under Entry Total Section, in field labelled "ACS Entry"


Below you can find link to Customs' website with official Customs Notice (ACN NO. 2013/66) explaining these new fees. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff.